Cost-effective self storage insurance

Insuring Your Possessions Whilst Storing at Lockaway

It’s really important to make sure that your possessions are correctly insured whilst in storage. As soon as they leave your home or office, they are no longer protected by your current insurance policies, and it’s vital to make sure you take out the right cover whilst they’re in a storage facility.

We take such good care of your goods that it’s unlikely anything will ever go wrong. However, it’s important to take insurance, to make sure you’ve got protection, should the worst happen.

All our customers are required to insure their possessions whilst they are in storage at the Lockaway facility. They need to be covered by a policy that covers all normal perils, and for a sum that compensates fully for replacement, in the event of loss or damage.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Arranging the right insurance is, thankfully, a very simple process, and one that Lockaway can assist with. We offer a bespoke insurance policy, designed specifically for self-storage, which is flexible to suit your exact requirements.

A Tailored Insurance Policy to Match Your Storage Needs

Our self storage insurance is bespoke, and tailored entirely to your needs. It’s custom-designed for self-storage, so there’s no need to worry about not being covered in certain instances or situations.

We’ll arrange insurance cover for you as soon as you’ve moved your possessions into your storage unit. If at any time you need to increase or decrease the value of your insurance cover, we can do that for you, or cancel it at any point.

The cover offered is entirely flexible, depending on the value of your possessions, and we’ll never try to talk you into investing in more cover than you actually require.


What you’re protected against:

  • Flood

  • Fire

  • Explosion

  • Earthquake

  • Storm

  • Malicious damage

  • Theft by forced entry

  • Other physical loss or damage

To find out more about our policies, or to discuss your options, simply give our team a call on 020 7205 2137.